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Advanced Magnetic Kinetic
Energy Storage System

 Our product is a cutting-edge Long Duration Energy Storage and Management System that stands out with its patented technology. Unlike current conventional kinetic systems, AMKESS leverages magnetically coupled kinetic cells and other revolutionary features, improving recyclability, efficiency, safety, and reliability. Designed to be modular, allowing for full scalability to meet diverse energy needs. Boasting higher efficiency and energy-dense capabilities, ensuring continuous true uninterrupted energy flow. This innovation is the epitome of sustainable and reliable energy solutions, revolutionizing the way we manage and store energy over extended periods.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Product Technical Data Sheets

System Characteristics

Energy Dense
Small Footprint

Modular, Scalable,

Environmentally friendly
> 99% recyclable.

> 85% Round Trip Efficiency

Fully Integrable With All Forms of Energy Systems, Both On And Off The Grid

Plug and Play
improved power management.

Eliminates Power Interruptions and Surges

Anticipated 50+ Year Life Span

Simultaneous Charge
and Discharge
unlimited cycles

Quick Repair and Replacement

Lower Transmission and Distribution Losses (Est < 3%)

Low maintenance schedules

Energy Farm

System Design

AC or DC Drive Motor
(Depending On The Energy Source)

Dual 25kWh Kinetic Energy Storage Units

Computerized Power Management System

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